Dawn Butler – race baiting politics

Labour MP Dawn Butler engaged in race baiting identity politics last weekend as she was present in a vehicle that was pulled over by the police. Before any reasonable grounds were established, Dawn Butler used her phone to film a short clip of the incident and plaster it on her social media, accusing the Metropolitan Police of institutional racism.

This move has been condemned by the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, who criticised the ‘trial by social media’ response from Butler which is becoming increasingly common. Before any facts could have been established as to why the car, of which Butler was the passenger, was stopped, she branded the faces of innocent police officers as racist all over her social media.

With a platform as significant as her’s, this is clearly an irresponsible way to treat public serviceman, particularly when the character of the accusation made against them is so reprehensible. It has since been established that the officers involved could not have seen anyone in the car due to the tinted windows. It was also established at the time that one of the officers concerned had entered an incorrect number plate from a car of interest, which is why Butlers compatriot was pulled.

From this the questions remains. Why was Butler so quick to engage in race baiting?

The officers were part of a Violent Crime Task Force. The black community are disproportionally involved in violent crime in the capital. If the officers really are devoted to the belief of white superiority and black inferiority, why would they work to prevent violent crime that disproportionately victimises the black community. Why would they be so keen to protect the people of London, one of the most ethnically diverse cities on the planet?

The short and simple answer would be because racism was not indicative of the stop. I am concerned that engaging in behaviour such as this further corrodes the fragile relationship present between the black community and the police. To give credence to this accusation from Dawn Butler without any evidence further illustrates to the black community that any contact they have with the police must be due to racial stereotyping.

This falsified idea of an institutionally racist police force will create greater community tensions than Dawn Butler could ever wish to solve. This may also ignite the Ferguson effect, in which police are scared to police certain communities in case they are labelled as racist or prejudicial. As we have discovered in light of the J report, the police were scared to tackle the grooming and subsequent gang rape of children throughout this country for over two decades as the perpetrators were mostly of Pakistani Muslim origin.

We can not let this futile policing destroy black communities on the streets of our capital cities as young lads lose their lives on a daily basis due to knife crime. Saving lives must come first.

Black Lives Matter – The Communist Manifesto

Black lives matter. The sentiment itself is fundamentally true and absolute. I do not know anyone, nor would I wish to, who thinks otherwise. On the very surface this organisation seems inarguably innocent. However, you only have to dig a little further to reveal a rather different direction to this movement. Sealing this organisation with such an immutable truth as ‘Black Lives Matter’ is deceitful at worst and disingenuous at best.

The Black Lives Matter ‘gofundme’ page has officially raised £1,193,080. Beneath the ‘donate now’ button, it describes how BLM (Black Lives Matter) seeks the destruction of capitalism. Couple this with the fact that the three founders of BLM are self confessed Marxists, suddenly Black Lives Matter as an entity has a whole different meaning.

I do not wish to discuss the reasonability or feasibility of this policy, but instead unveil a deeper understanding of a group that is relished as a global movement for racial justice, whilst also aiming to dismantle capitalism and employ communism. This is just one facet of BLM that I fear many people do not recognise nor understand.

On their website, on the ‘what we believe’ page, it states how they wish to ‘disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure’. For those who aren’t familiar, this is the basic social unit of a family eg. a man, woman and a child/children. Again, its relevance to social justice is questionable; it’s relevance to Marxist/communist doctrine however is evident.

Marx argued that the natural hierarchy found within the family unit performed functions for capitalism. Accepting such a superior presence from a young age is likely to normalise this concept later on in life, particularly in the workplace. This, of course, serves to stress the lob-sided power dynamics underpinning the theory of Marxism—from oppressor to oppressed. The family unit is also used to accrue wealth along hereditary lines in terms of private property of which, Marx argues, further reproduces class inequalities.

In 1965 the out of wedlock birth rate for the black community was 25%. In 2015 this figure had risen to 77%. Evidence hypothesised regarding these statistics suggests that the disruption of the nuclear family would further hinder the black community, and only serve to widen the economic gap currently present between the black community and the white community.

Again, I wish to reiterate that before the deliberation and consideration of any such policy, we should ponder whether many individuals attending the BLM protests in recent months on behalf of racial equality were aware of such targets, let alone in support of them.

The abolition of the police is another strategic aim of BLM. With no alternative provided, it’s hard to conceive a world without law enforcement. It’s even harder to conceive that any significant number of protesters had any idea that this was a prescribed policy arrangement of BLM. This is again poised to dismantle any existing hierarchical structure, which under Marxist scripture is deemed oppressive by nature.

‘Anti-fascist’ groups such as Antifa have also been present at many protests and marches throughout the UK and the US. Groups such as these prescribe to anarchist philosophy, in pursuit of a stateless society rid of any forms of state coersion. Although groups with beliefs like these fall in stark contrast to a majority of individuals marching in support of the mantra ‘black lives matter’, the literature of which Antifa is founded upon is comparatively similar to the policies outlined above by the Marxist cooperatives of BLM.

It’s with this information that I hope people continue to march for racial justice and freedom of opportunity. However, ensure you march as part of an entity that is representative of your core beliefs, as I fear a huge majority of people marching under the banner of BLM, at least at the time anyway, had no idea of the principles that underpinned the movement.

Dominic Cummings—your hypocrisy stinks

The Conservatives have once again confirmed that hypocrisy is laden within the party. Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson’s Senior Advisor, has fraudulently travelled over 200 miles to stay with his wife and child after developing Coronavirus symptoms. Note, he has a perfectly legal place of refuge down in London, providing further credence for this post.

His response was to claim the drive was perfectly legal and reasonable. Following the governments last Coronavirus review, this move from Cummings does nothing but prove the contradictory nature of the Conservatives handling over the virus.

This perfectly ‘legal’ and ‘responsible’ drive of course closely followed the passing of the Coronavirus Bill in parliament, legally restricting people from driving out of their towns and cities to make unnecessary journeys—the bill formed precisely because on a bank holiday in April people flocked to hotspots such as Snowdonia and the Peak District in complete disregard of the governments advice.

Yes, lockdown rules were made legally binding for the exact reason that Cummings himself has demonstrated—for people making unnecessary long distance journeys. The sick irony is that Cummings himself was present with both SAGE, and of course the Prime Minister, when these laws would have been created. He himself has seen the science, so he must know right from wrong.

For people defending Cummings, I have some questions. Why could I not visit family of whom I do not live with, but Cummings could? Why should Cummings be allowed to travel hundreds of miles, with symptoms, to isolate with his family, completely discounting his place of residence in London, when people without symptoms can’t even attend the funerals of their own relatives?

These questions remain, and I highly doubt they can be answered to any adequate defence of Dominic Cummings. I like many others believe he should be sacked, though I fear the double standards omnipresent throughout this crisis will rear its ugly head again. Cummings—your hypocrisy stinks.

Trade unions and Coronavirus

Following the prompted return of school teachers and students to the classroom, unions are now in a stand off with the government over the welfare of school returnees. Whilst I must admit that observing the 2 metre social distancing rule will be extremely difficult to officiate among 5 – 11 year olds, we must continue take a holistic approach to the easing of lockdown regulations.

Philip Thomas of Bristol University suggests that as a by-product of Coronavirus restrictions, a fall of 6.4% GDP could lead to more deaths than the virus itself. This follows an intensive survey identifying the relationship between GDP and life expectancy.

Left wing hobbyists have long been ardent supporters of BAME equality, and rightly so. However, certain members of this community including members of the trade unions seem to have completely evaded this position since the Coronavirus. Reports suggest that BAME people have been disproportionately fined/arrested for not abiding to social distancing rules.

No this is not because we have a racist police contingent. However yes, it is because BAME people are statistically more susceptible to poorer socio-economic conditions, which therefore creates a seemingly tougher environment in which to observe the lockdown under. Single mothers who live at the top of a tower block are of course more likely to suffer hardships than middle class professionals who have huge gardens and can work from home. They’re children will suffer as a result of this.

It’s for this reason that I believe that the liberal left and trade unions respective position is counter intuitive, precisely because the very people they wish/claim to represent are the very people that will be increasingly punished from a failure to ease lockdown restrictions.

To serve the welfare of as many individuals as possible, I believe junior schools should reopen. Schools act as a safe haven for many children in opposition to domestic violence, parental mental health issues and fractured families. This is why we should start to re-open our education system.

Mohammed Zakir–sit down and be quiet.

Earlier this year, two consecutive terrorist attacks committed by offenders on early release triggered a bill to extend sentences for serious offenders. Addressed as the Terrorist Offenders Bill (restriction of early release), terrorists will now be forced to serve two thirds of their sentence, before being assessed by a parole board on the legitimacy of any considered release.

Mohammed Zakir, a prisoner convicted of stirring up religious hatred, has won his first round in his legal challenge against the introduction of such legislation. He states such a bill will disproportionately effect those holding Islamic beliefs and would have an extensive effect on Muslims.

Whilst I would agree that this bill would extensively effect Muslims, I would suggest that the reason behind this disproportionality might be because the majority of terrorist offenders behind bars are Muslims. Using Khan’s logic, we should curb all action in the prevention of knife crime too because as statistics observe, this will disproportionately effect black people. Again, one could argue that the disproportionate arrest and imprisonment of black people (when compared to UK % population of black people) surrounding knife crime, is actually because black people are vastly over represented as offenders in knife crime.

Sir James Eadie QC, representing the Justice Secretary Robert Buckland, says that this challenge must be dismissed, stating that the adjustments concerned were made in complete disregard of one’s ‘race, religion or otherwise’.

This is exactly the point. In the prevention of criminal activity it’s likely that the composition of criminals found guilty of certain crimes, will be disproportionate. This is precisely because perpetrators are arrested and tried based on evidence, reason and principle, as oppose to skin colour or religion. If the latter were true, then we would see vast swathes of unlawful arrests on white people–as the UK is 80% white British, does this mean that 80% of our prison system must be white British? No, and pursuing such a finality would be discriminatory and utterly ridiculous.

Tackling any form of discrimination is of course paramount in any society and individual liberty, in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights must be upheld. However, we must be ensure that whilst observing the individual liberties of terrorists and highly dangerous criminals, we do not erode the liberties of the British public. From this perspective, I welcome the Terrorist Offenders Bill.

The ‘Five Eyes’ leaked report – China

A leaked ‘Five Eyes’ report supports claims of negligent operations from China over the coronavirus. Conclusions within the report align with other independent USA agency findings, consolidating widespread disrepute for the country.

After Donald Trump has claimed that China should be held to account over the virus, detailed reports are now serving up further evidence of mass deceit from the communist state. The World Health Organisation are complicit in this, as they along with China upheld the position that reaffirmed no human to human transmission as late as the 14th January. This refers to a tweet made by the WHO.

This stands in vast contrast to officials in Taiwan and Hong Kong who raised alarms early on in January concerning the spread of COVID-19. The South China Morning Post has released an article stating that a doctor in Hubei Provincial Hospital told the Chinese authorities that the mysterious disease starting to spread throughout the region was called coronavirus, with the earliest case recorded at Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan on December 1st 2019.

The idea of an Independent Inquiry into the origins of the virus have been wholly rejected by China. This coincides with a report from the EU exposing ‘conspiracy narratives and disinformation’ from both Russia and China.

A failure to commit to international transparency has undoubtedly catapulted the spread of coronavirus, with the University of Southampton conducting studies suggesting that there could of been a 95% reduction of cases if China could have intercepted the virus just three weeks earlier.

Removing dissidents from social media whilst farming mass silence and government coercion further isolates us from the idea of a decent, honest, palpable response from China. Further resistance to independent investigations only reinforces the idea that the communist state must shield what’s left of their fragmented reputation.

It’s time to step up, Priti

On Saturday the 28th September 2019 Priti Patel launched an official action plan to tackle the migrant crossing crisis. Patel must now concede that the results collated have fallen well short of the mark–the mark set by herself in the Autumn of 2019.

Prior to this, the Sandhurst Treaty was created in order to provide foundations for tackling the threat. Through this the UK pledged 7 million euros to France for reinforced preventative security measures, underpinning the French regional action plan.

In revision of this Treaty she was quick to assure us of the diminishing presence of crossings come spring 2020. However, an article published by the BBC has presented us with data to suggest that 450 migrants have crossed the English Channel just in April–completely undermining her initial promise.

Revisionist tendencies must remain in order to adapt to the ever changing tactics of the smugglers. Prevailing CCTV inputs in conjunction with relevant agencies work to identify recognised points of departure from the French coast. This attenuates the options available to smugglers which is of huge inconvenience. To shun the surveillance from authorities the smugglers now use smaller boats, often without navigational aid. This only increases the dangers posed to the people on board.

It’s important to balkanize the reasons for strict enforcement of these rules. Human costs to the migrants as well as the respective populations either side of the channel must be considered. This is in addition to the crime that surrounds this type of criminality further upstream.

ISIS have a number of times urged fighters to attack on foreign soil, with regular propaganda posters depicting iconic western landmarks under siege. This of course coincides with many attacks carried out on European turf by ISIS fighters.

Since the 2015 Paris attacks which killed 130 we have found that the majority of the attackers had travelled to Europe as migrants. So too Anis Amri who rammed a lorry into a German Christmas market. So too Osama Krayem, Mohamed Abrini and Najim Laachraoui who detonated bombs at Brussels Airport and the Metro on Tuesday 22nd March 2016. The list goes on.

Home Office data has also revealed how from 2016 – 17 65% of migrants questioned about their age turned out to be adults. This of course only accounts for those questioned about their age.

For these reasons our border with the French must be upheld with the upmost virility, for the safety of our people depends on it. Patel must continue to pursue action with velocity and ensure legal process has been placed upon the head of any migrant illegally entering our country. The Dublin Regulation must be enshrined in the resulting outcome as to ensure safe repatriation of migrants and a stern deterrence for any future attempts.

Managing stress/creating motivation

In a bid to try and pull myself away from downward travelling feelings/emotions I often create a plan to achieve certain things per day. Thus, after every small achievement I feel better about myself and as a result feel more positive. However, on reflection I believe it’s this very process that I feel a lot of the time has contributed to my downfall. Or at least it is the mindset that I apply to this process, which seems to be an all or nothing attitude.

I think that it’s important to recognise the differences we feel from day to day. Somedays we may not be feeling as good/happy/motivated as others. It’s this identification/recognition of mood that I feel is important.

On these ‘down’ days with my plan laid out before me, I have come to realise that if any part of my plan fails or is not desirable on that day, everything fails with it. For example, if I planned to walk the dog as it is the first thing on my list and I do not, it acts as an immediate catalyst for further ‘failures’ and for further absence from my plan.

This has led me to alter my all or nothing mindset for a more flexible/interchangeable one. Instead, I now plan less for my day and create alternatives. This allows me to feel less pressured/forced into completing the content. In essence, less is more.

This blog is tailored ultimately to my time in lockdown as I find myself with so much time on my hands. It’s this seemingly limitless volume of time that makes me feel like I am not busy enough, so I create lots to do. However, when one of these ideas fail, so does my mood and as a result the rest of the list with it.

It is for this reason I think we should all identify our moods and tailor flexible plans to cater in case of these. For me personally, It has helped me to stay happier as I create more consistent/perpetuating levels of positivity which are easily sustained due to clearer, more lenient and flexible plans.

Happy St George’s day!

Please stay safe and well on St George’s day. Not only should we continue to abide by government guidelines as hopefully (fingers crossed) the peak is starting to plateau, but we can also reminisce in our pride of St George to remember three key characteristics he unequivocally engraved on British culture.

Honour, bravery and gallantry must be emulated from St George’s assisination of the dragon and saviour of the princess. Today we face a different battle but one which can be slain in a similar fashion if we continue to persist with astonishing resistance.

Not only do we (England) celebrate St George’s day but so do different countries around the world. The flag of Great Britain itself combines that of St George, St Patrick and St Andrew providing ample evidence that today is not only a production of national sovereignty but also of international unity. This has been evidently present throughout the worlds internal struggle with coronavirus.

Happy St George’s day, onwards and upwards.

Architecture – my dislike for modernism

As I’ve grown up my interest in architecture has grown. This includes my love for classicism and dislike for modernism. Whilst I accept that architecture will inevitably evolve with time, I cannot help but wish it remained the same. Or, at least within the framework of neo-classicism.

The most famous example I can refer to for comparison is number 10 Downing Street:

10 Downing Street - Scene Therapy
10 Downing Street

Built in 1684, Downing streets Georgian theme illustrates the potential that building aesthetics have to offer, easily identifiable through its elongated windows, flat faces and delicate symmetry. Georgian styles such as these, even without such history that this one in particular hosts, definitely merit grade one listings.

The sheer prestige of Edwardian structures can be seen in this photo below.

edwardian style houses - Inside Conveyancing
Edwardian style homes – London

Dating back to the early 20th century, Edwardian buildings can often be characterised from their deep bay windows, sash windows and pilasters.

Classicism refers to the aesthetic attitudes based on the arts of Greece and Rome (period of antiquity). Thus, since the earliest stages of the common era (CE), our architecture has been guided by architects following certain rules and recognised habits. Quoting the Roman architect Marcus Vitruvius, “For without symmetry and proportion no temple can have a regular plan.” He followed this through with writings outlining orders of style and design, in which civilisation in general has been steered by throughout thousands of years .

Fast forward to present day and it seems that the basic principles encrypted by the Romans and Greeks may well have been forgotten. Introducing, Tate Modern:

Tate galleries | museums, United Kingdom | Britannica

This eyesore is supposedly one of Londons finest art museums. For me it looks more like somewhere you’d burn art, not display it.

Introducing The Barbican Estate:

Barbican Estate - Wikipedia
The Barbican Estate, London

The 1960’s/1970’s builds catered particularly for an ever expanding population, as we imported great numbers to fill the shortage within the labour market. Following the blitz, many people were moved from Inner London and out to several market towns to mitigate housing issues and to disperse concentrated populations. For this reason, structure types built in this era are seen as unaesthetic, as they were built quickly and purely for necessity.

They were also an inspiration of modern architects who wanted to keep the lower classes away from the technocrats of the city, which is why we see so many towers like the ones above on the fringes of big cities like London and Birmingham.

Louis Sullivan was an American architect who is known as the ‘father of skyscrapers’ and the ‘father of modernism’. He is famously quoted to have said ‘form follows function’. In this he means that the structural design of the building should resemble the meaning, purpose or utility of the building. It’s from his works that many buildings today offer so little than that of bleak, meaningless exteriors. But why does it matter?

The environment we are surrounded with directly reflects the behaviour of the populace–not exclusively, but inclusively. The nature of the populace towards the environment will certainly deplete if the environment in which they inhabit is soulless, meaningless and ugly. Concrete tower blocks and 70’s builds which mimic only a need for housing and structural reasoning, continue to facilitate the moral degradation of the surrounding populace.

It’s in this vein that I hope to see a reverse of our modernist state and a return to more classical building principles because what we see creates what we feel, and what we feel shapes who we are as individuals.